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Volunteers who wish to teach English may apply for our teacher programs*. Once selected, teaching volunteers will work in of CFI's local schools in Southern India or within one of the community centers. They will be working mostly with children from primary and secondary education who are typically between the ages of 6 - 17. Teachers will also be responsible for other activities including after school programs and games, sports activities, and organizing special events for the children including things like hikes through nature and temple tours.

Many Southern Indian schools lack teachers who are proficient in English and able to teach the students beyond basic reading and writing skills. For this reason international volunteers are in high demand to help teach children the basics of the English language. CFI is working with local schools and organizations to bring foreign teachers into the classrooms to assist teachers in managing and running academic classes, organizing games and other fun activities for children as well as help in improving the general reading and writing skills of the children.

The amount of work available to those volunteers who wish to teach in Southern India will vary depending upon the time of the year, duration of the volunteer's stay in India, and the location of work. Because of this we ask all volunteers who wish to do teaching work take plain their trip in advance by submit their applications at least 2 months prior to their visit to India.

* CFI volunteers who wish to participate in our teaching programs do not need to be qualified to teach nor do they need to speak the local language. All the skills that are required for teaching will be addressed upon arrival in India, but it does help if you have prior experience which children including babysitting and summer school programs.

CFI is currently operating in two types of communities; school that are located within villages and schools that are within the lower class communities of the city.

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News & Events

Writing Competition

Our Independence day drawing competition was a great success. See more photos from the event:


Children's Day Alternative Education Conference


Join us for our educational event and conference this November. To learn more about how you can help, please visit our partnership page.


Urgent Needs

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Through collaboration and partnership we can generate a ripple effect that stimulates new growth and development for a variety of causes and communities. CFI and WISDOM are working with other organization from around the world to conduct research, training, and development projects for students, teachers, administrators, parents. and academic institutes. Join us today and change the lives and education of tomorrow.

Recent collaboration efforts:

  • Grace Physiotherapy and CFI conducted free therapy camps for children with special needs.
  • Training in English language (spell, write, read) for children living within slum communities in cooperation with the Boy's Reformation Club.
  • CFI an Manju Foundation are working to provide educational materials to teachers in Kodaikanal.

Donations For Us

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For as little as $10 a month a student can be fed for an entire month. Helping is much easier than you might have imagined. Make a difference in a child's life today by donating now.

Cohen Foundation and Children's WISDOM projects are maintained by the generous contributions of individuals and organizations who have shared their time and energy to help sustain our efforts for a brighter future. Join us today and create a spark of opportunity for children and the future of education.










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