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Tens of millions of children live in poverty in India, a majority of which do not graduate from elementary/primary school. Many remain illiterate throughout their lives, and work as paid servants of industries, businesses, and higher-class communities. Your support is more important than ever to help these children establish a new position in life and discover new opportunity for their future and the future of their families. Through education reform and development we can give these children a chance far beyond what is available to them today. We are also providing financial support, resources, and basic-needs items to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to learn and grow through an academic system that will support them until they are ready to take on the world. With your help we can pave the way for a new future in education, one that is free from discrimination against class, gender, religion, creed, or social beliefs.

Your gifts both large and small are significant contributions to our efforts in creating an academic environment that supports all students no matter what their dreams may be for the future. Artist, doctor, mechanic, engineer, or astronaut, all students should be free to explore their innate abilities to learn and grown. You gifts are essential for maintaining the quality of teaching and education to give every child the opportunity to turn their dreams into a reality.

The Cohen Foundation's Children's WISDOM Project is a colorado state registered non-profit, but please consult your tax advisor regarding tax deductibility and/or tax exemption from your gift or donation.We are committed to the satisfaction of our donors and supports. If you have any question or concerns regarding donations to Children's WISDOM Project, please contact us directly in India at (91) 9442279322 or in the US at 720 371 1842. You may also reach us through email at

Donating Options


Online Gifts:

Make a donation through paypal; it's fast, easy, safe, and a highly secure option for making contributions through the internet. Below is a chart with various donation options.

With a donation of $25 you can feed a child for an entire month.


A donation of $50 can supply a child with all the materials necessary to enter the classroom including a backpack, school uniform, pens, notebooks, shoes, and other supplies.


With a generous donation of $100, a child can attend school for an entire year.

If the fixed amounts provided do not accommodate your need as a donor, please us this button to specify your own amount. At CFI we are utilizing more than 90% of all donations for direct support of our community here in India. Every penny is a step towards a brighter future.

Planned Gifts:

Making a donation as a planned gift is a great way to support our educational and social development activities while also receiving valuable tax benefits and/or income for life. Planned gifts are a way to support the reformation of education for generations to come.

The benefits of planned gifts include:

--Increased income for donors

--Reduction in income tax

--Avoidance of capital gains tax

--Reduced tax on asset allocations and inheritance

--Making a lifelong contribution to education reform!

Types of Planned Gifts:

--Add the charity to your will and receive charitable estate tax deduction

--Retained Life Estate

--Gift Annuity

--Pooled Income Fund

--Retirement Asset

To learn more about planned gifts, please contact our donors office at


Corpus fund Contribution:

Donations to our corpus fund can help us to develop a long-term and sustainable financial resource to ensure the continuation of our efforts for education reform and child welfare development.

To learn more about our corpus fund, please contact our donors office at


Charitable Reminder Trust:

Establish a charitable reminder trust with us and receive a payment of a fixed amount or a percentage of the trust principle. The income for life can be provided to you or anyone whom you wish to support.

To learn more about CRT, please contact our donors office at


In-Kind Donations and Gifts:

In-Kind donations are gifts of material items that can be directly implemented to help children and the educational process. Donate private property such as books, educational research materials, vocational training materials and supplies, computer software, equipment, school supplies, office supplies, and air miles (to support speakers, international teaching staff, and policy makers) and help children and the community achieve academic success and equality within the near future.

To learn more about In-Kind gifts, please contact our donors office at

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News & Events

Writing Competition

Our Independence day drawing competition was a great success. See more photos from the event:


Children's Day Alternative Education Conference


Join us for our educational event and conference this November. To learn more about how you can help, please visit our partnership page.


Urgent Needs

Pic 3

Through collaboration and partnership we can generate a ripple effect that stimulates new growth and development for a variety of causes and communities. CFI and WISDOM are working with other organization from around the world to conduct research, training, and development projects for students, teachers, administrators, parents. and academic institutes. Join us today and change the lives and education of tomorrow.

Recent collaboration efforts:

  • Grace Physiotherapy and CFI conducted free therapy camps for children with special needs.
  • Training in English language (spell, write, read) for children living within slum communities in cooperation with the Boy's Reformation Club.
  • CFI an Manju Foundation are working to provide educational materials to teachers in Kodaikanal.

Donations For Us

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For as little as $10 a month a student can be fed for an entire month. Helping is much easier than you might have imagined. Make a difference in a child's life today by donating now.

Cohen Foundation and Children's WISDOM projects are maintained by the generous contributions of individuals and organizations who have shared their time and energy to help sustain our efforts for a brighter future. Join us today and create a spark of opportunity for children and the future of education.










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