The Cohen Foundation in India and the Children's WISDOM Project are non-profit organizations dedicated to the evolvement of education and the academic process. The association is actively involved in community development and educational reformation by providing support, resources, training, courses, programs, academic models, and academic curricula for schools and academic institutions. In order to ensure equal education opportunity for all students, CFI and WISDOM also distribute supplies, materials, and other resources that are essential for the physical and mental welfare of students and their parents. Only after a child has moved beyond a survival state of living can her or she begin to fully benefit from and enjoy the academic process. The association is also committed to fare wages for teachers and staff.

Guided by the belief that children are the backbone of social progress and development, the Cohen Foundation and WISDOM are nurturing innovative and creative approaches to academic study, research, development, and application. Education is the central guardian of a child's future, second only to a strong familial support system. CFI and WISDOM are working to reconstruct the academic environment while supporting the families and relationships at home.

If children are to inherit the earth and the future of humanity, they must be equipped with intelligence, creativity, and awareness of the social, political, economic, and environmental issues that confront them. Every child is born a leader; whether innovator, teacher, inventor, humanitarian, engineer, doctor, or worker, each and every student possess a unique set of character traits and strengths that can guide humanity toward a safer and more harmonious future. The question remain whether or not we will give them the freedom and support to discover their inherent abilities and capabilities for learning, growing, and creating a better tomorrow.

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News & Events

Writing Competition

Our Independence day drawing competition was a great success. See more photos from the event:


Children's Day Alternative Education Conference


Join us for our educational event and conference this November. To learn more about how you can help, please visit our partnership page.


Urgent Needs

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Through collaboration and partnership we can generate a ripple effect that stimulates new growth and development for a variety of causes and communities. CFI and WISDOM are working with other organization from around the world to conduct research, training, and development projects for students, teachers, administrators, parents. and academic institutes. Join us today and change the lives and education of tomorrow.

Recent collaboration efforts:

  • Grace Physiotherapy and CFI conducted free therapy camps for children with special needs.
  • Training in English language (spell, write, read) for children living within slum communities in cooperation with the Boy's Reformation Club.
  • CFI an Manju Foundation are working to provide educational materials to teachers in Kodaikanal.

Donations For Us

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For as little as $10 a month a student can be fed for an entire month. Helping is much easier than you might have imagined. Make a difference in a child's life today by donating now.

Cohen Foundation and Children's WISDOM projects are maintained by the generous contributions of individuals and organizations who have shared their time and energy to help sustain our efforts for a brighter future. Join us today and create a spark of opportunity for children and the future of education.










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